Welcome to the NT Loop Exercise Library

On this page you’ll find our favorite exercises that you can perform with your NT Loop. Use the links below to quickly jump to any training category.

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Top NT Loop Glute Exercises

Hip Thrust and Hip Lift
1 Leg DB RDL with Band Over Shoulder 
Hip Extensions 
NT Loop Mini Glute Kickback
Hip-resisted Deadlift 
Kneeling Hip Thrust 
Single Leg RDL with Thigh-resistance 
Reverse Hip Extension
Hybrid Deadlift
Linear Monster Walk 
Side Elbow Plank with Hip Abduction 
Fire Hydrants

Top NT Loop Hip Exercises

Quadruped Hip Adduction
Lateral Shuffle
Half-kneeling Foot Shuffle
Standing Single Leg Hip Abduction

Top NT Loop Hamstring Exercises

Slider Leg Curl
Standing One Leg Curl 

Top NT Loop Quad Exercises

Zercher Reverse Lunge
Straight Leg Walk 
Leg Extension Pike 
Standing Single Leg Extension 
Waist-Resisted Linear Squat Walk 
Calf-Resisted Squats 
Reverse Nordics 
Medial Knee-resisted Reverse Lunge 
Calf-resisted Reverse Lunge 
Overhead Reverse Lunge 

Top NT Loop Pushing Exercises

Assisted Push-Ups
Resisted Push-Ups
Supercharged Shoulder Press
Single Arm Pec Fly 
Single Arm Shoulder Press 
Supercharged Front Raise 

Top NT Loop Pulling Exercises

Hip-resisted TRX Row
Scapular Retractions 
One-Arm Lat Pulldown
One-Arm Row

Top NT Loop Triceps and Biceps Exercises

Standing Overhead Extension 
Leaning Overhead Triceps Extension 
Biceps Curl 

Top NT Loop Core Exercises

Wind-Up Rotation 
Arm Walkout 
Tight Rotations
Band Crunch 
Plank With Hand Shift
Plank March 

Top NT Loop Partner Exercises

The NT Loop is great for bootcamps and partner drills!

Whether you’re a trainer that specializes in outdoor bootcamps or indoor group training, the NT Loop has you covered. Because of the versatility, you’ll be able to use less equipment and keep clients engaged. No more lugging heavy weights back and forth across the gym to setup training sessions.

NT Loops will unleash your creativity, enhance existing exercises, and reduce equipment costs while still delivering a killer workout.

Waist-resisted Deadlift and March 
Linear Monster Walks 
Hip Adduction and Abduction 
Partner Plank 
Partner Calf-Resisted Squat 
Partner Chaos Squat 
Split Squat with Lateral Knee Drive 

NT Loop Full-body Warm Ups

Full-body Warm Up #1

  1.  Hip Bridge x 15-20 reps
  2. X-band Walk x 15-20 reps
  3. Pull-Apart x 15-20 reps
  4. Reverse lunge with rotation & Resisted Scapular Retraction x 8-10 reps each side
Full-body Warm Up #1

Top NT Loop Finishers

60-second Cardio Interval Finisher

  1.  Waist-resisted March x30 sec
  2. Waist-resisted Skip x20 sec
  3. Waist-resisted Sprint x10 sec
60-Second Cardio Interval Finisher