Tools For Better Hip and Glute Training

Better Band Training Starts With Better Bands

Everyone wants to get more out of their workout.

More performance, more efficiency, and more results.

However, in order to optimize each training session, you need the right tool for the job. That means you need certain bands to train large movements and muscles, and other bands to train smaller or more specific movements. Effectively, you need a complete band toolbox.

With NT Loop products you get just that – an assortment of perfectly designed bands that can stand up to the rigors of consistent training while still maintaining comfort.

Imagine getting more benefit out of every single rep from the exercises you are already doing!

More pump.

More challenge.

More ways to effectively target those neglected muscles like the hips, glutes, and shoulder stabilizers that increase performance and reduce possible injury.

It’s time to take resistance band training to the next level and that requires better tools that work double-duty.

The NT Loop line of fabric resistance bands is the obvious choice.

What Are NT Loops?

The NT Loop line of products was created by world-famous coach, Nick Tumminello to provide more comfort, stability and durability than traditional rubber superbands and mini bands. Additionally, they are also reversible, washable, and convenient to travel with.

All NT Loop products are custom designed with a unique length and width to not only offer unlimited exercise-enhancing applications, but to also surpass all the current options that exist in the market.

That’s not all – these bands are built to last!

You’ll never have to worry about an NT Loop peeling, snapping, or losing its elasticity over time. No matter how many times you use it, it will still perform like brand new. That’s because each band features our proprietary Dura-Stretch technology of fabric and latex, and has been independently tested for consistent performance over time.

After you use them for the first time, the NT Loop line of bands will earn a coveted spot in your gym bag forever.

Two Versions With One Goal – More Results

The original NT Loop was designed to replace the traditional latex superband in exercises where the band makes contact with the body. This alone makes it one of the best choices for hip and glute training.

All original NT Loops are 50” long by 3” wide, making them perfectly sized to execute tons of exercises where other bands often fall short. Not to mention, these Loops come with a built in anchor strap so you can train anywhere at anytime.

Unlike a traditional superband, the NT Loop is built for a high level of comfort. With it’s custom width and soft quality fabric, you don’t have to deal with it digging into your body or moving around during training thanks to its unique inner grip.

Additionally, the original NT Loop is washable so you’ll get lots of life out of it and it wont ever snap and cause you injury.

The NT Loop Mini was created to surpass all the standard expectations of the average mini band and serve as the perfect small loop band for multiple applications. Its unique design makes it the most durable, versatile, and comfortable mini band on the market.

All NT Loop Minis are 13” long by 2” wide, and made with our proprietary Dura-Stretch technology. Longer than a traditional mini band, NT Loop Minis make it easier to get the band on and off, which makes them more ideal for exercises around your ankles, knees and wrists.

You’ll also never have to worry about the rolling, pinching, sliding, or other types of discomfort that’s common with rubber or latex bands. The non-slip fabric of the NT Loop Mini is made of the highest quality materials and feels quite comfortable around your body.

Unlike many mini bands on the market, the NT Loop Mini is tear-resistant and it’s washable. You won’t have to worry about it snapping every few workouts and having to replace it on a regular basis, making it a great investment.

What The Pros Are Saying

The NT Loop is not your average resistance band. I don’t go to the gym anymore without bringing it along.

Whenever I’ve used bands in the past they always felt flimsy, they’d cut into your skin, or they’d slide around on you. But the NT Loop is different. It’s like a luxury resistance band – super high quality, easy to use, and grippy. It stays put.

You can make just about any muscle burn with the NT Loop and turn any location into your gym if you need to. Don’t skip your workout if you’re traveling or if you’re snowed in at home, just grab your NT Loops and put together your own workout from wherever you are.

Dani Shugart
T-Nation editor, Author, and Figure Athlete

The NT Loop is the one piece of gym equipment I didn’t even know I needed!

I’m so impressed by the sheer variety of exercises I can use with such a simple implement. The band feels incredibly comfortable across the hips, too.

This is a worthy investment for anyone looking to step up their workouts!

Sohee Lee – MS, CSCS, CISSN
Fitness Author and Coach

Our NT Loop Best-Sellers

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NT Loop Ultimate Combo Pack: Featuring All (5) NT Loop Bands

The NT Loop combo pack features one loop of each size and color so that you always have the right band and the right resistance level for each exercise. It is our best deal and includes:

  • (1) Original Red NT Loop
  • (1) Original Blue NT Loop
  • (1) Red Burn mini band
  • (1) Blue Burn Plus mini band
  • (1) Green BurnX mini band
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NT Loop Max Burn Combo Pack: 1 Red and 1 Blue Band

The NT Loop combo pack features one Original NT Loop of each color so that you always have the right resistance level for each exercise in your gym bag. It is one of our best-selling options and is perfect for:

  • Independent Personal Trainers
  • Mobile Personal Trainers
  • Gym Enthusiasts
  • Home Exercisers
Buy For Only $94.99

NT Loop Mini Combo Pack: 1 Red Band, 1 Blue Band, and 1 Green Band

The NT Loop Mini combo pack features one mini loop of each color so that you always have the right resistance level for each exercise in your gym bag. It is one of our best-selling options and is perfect for:

  • Independent Personal Trainers
  • Mobile Personal Trainers
  • Gym Enthusiasts
  • Home Exercisers
Buy For Only $32.99

**All NT Loops ship from the United States and some international orders will be subject to local duties or taxes.

What The Pros Are Saying

Nick Tumminello’s NT Loops are incredible!

We primarily use them at the Glute Lab to perform hip thrusts off the Skorcher as well as kneeling hip thrusts, but there’s a lot of other glute stuff you can do with them too.

Good job designing these, Nick!

Bret Conteras

Glute Training Specialist, The Glute Guy

I’ve been in this industry for 20 years and have seen a lot of products come and go. I rarely write reviews and or post about a product unless I think highly of it. I am proud to say that I love Nick Tumminello’s NT Loops!!

The NT Loops are a high quality band that are durable and very comfortable. We do a TON of progressive resistance (band) work at Be Stronger Fitness and our clients love them!!

I’m honored to say that I was the first customer to officially purchase the NT Loops and will be proudly using these bands for years to come!!

Thank you Nick for creating such a great product!!

Robert Linkul

Gym Owner and Fitness Educator, Be Stronger Fitness

NT Loop – In The Press

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It’s Not Just A Tool – There’s Education Too

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Hey guys! Coach Nick here.

I’m incredibly excited to bring the NT Loop to the fitness industry. Not because I think the world needs another gimmick, but because I’m all about practicality when it comes to training clients and finding better exercise applications and that’s exactly how I came up with this product.

While the NT Loop could stand on its own, I know that the key to making any tool invaluable is the education that accompanies it. That’s why upon purchase of an NT Loop you’ll have access to my private Facebook group where I share all the new tips, techniques, and videos of how to use your loop. In addition to that, you’ll be able to share your best loop exercises as well as learn how others around the world are using their NT Loop.

It’s time that we change the way we think about band training.

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